Diamond wire sawing


Diamond Wire Sawing originated in quarries to saw stone and has now been adapted for the construction industry, utilising a diamond-impregnated wire fed through a series of pulleys to produce a cutting facility that can cope with any depth or shape of concrete structure.Diamond Wire Saws are used where other cutting methods are impractical as virtually no cross-section or structure is too large to cut.

Diamond Wire Sawing is ideal for removing large sections of heavily reinforced mass, concrete or brickwork structures and solid steel beams on constructions such as piers, towers and bridge sections or in areas where work space is restricted. Diamond Wire Sawing is very flexible with no restrictions in depth or size. Pulley arrangement can be set up to form rectangular or circular openings into any size space. It is a quick, dust free & quiet form of concrete cutting. Diacore is a Chartered Building Company and is a participant in a number of industry and safety associations including The Diamond Drilling and Sawing Association, and CITB.