Percussion drilling


Percussion Drilling using tungsten carbide-tipped rotary percussion drills is an economical technique for creating holes in mass concrete and all types of brickwork, blockwork for pipe work, cable runs or ducting.For the installation of resin anchored dowels or starter bars into an existing structure Percussion Drilled holes are ideal as the slightly rough internal surface of the hole provide the key demanded by most structural engineers.  

The hand held nature of the operation also makes Percussion Drilling an excellent choice in confined spaces.Where speed holds a higher priority than precision and noise, tungsten carbide-tipped rotary percussion drills really come into their own, even with full attention to HAVS regulations & guidelines our operators can form holes in most materials.With over 18 years' experience in Diamond Cutting and Sawing Services our skilled team ensure exceptional professionalism and workmanship on all projects we undertake.